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Employment Rights


We understand that challenging the unlawful acts of an employer can be an uphill battle for any employee. The employer-employee relationship should be a two-way street. However, employers do not always act as they are required to under the law, and employees often do not fully understand their legal rights. At ODU Law Firm, LLC, our goal is to ensure that you achieve an equitable and just result whenever you have been wronged by an employer. 

Here are just a few examples of Employment Law claims we handle:

  • Discrimination based on gender, age, religion, race, disability and pregnancy
  • Wrongful termination 
  • Sexual harassment
  • Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) 
  • Employer retaliation
  • Whistleblower claims
  • Wage and hour disputes
  • Severance negotiations
  • Employment contracts

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ODU Law Firm Attorney Profile

Layi Oduyingbo, Esq. founded ODU Law Firm, LLC, with a specific goal in mind—to bring a new type of law firm to the New England area.